Do I want beveled glass or just polished?

Often times glass terminology can be quite confusing, and yesterday I asked our Floyd glass experts, “What is one topic pertaining to glass that confuses our customers the most?” Unanimously, all technicians came back saying beveled vs polished.   In the glass industry, what is beveled and what is polished?  Well, if you want your glass to be polished you…

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Window Hardware

Great Lakes Windows offers a variety of finishes to window hardware.  At Great Lakes, you can choose from the standard colors of white, beige, earthtone, and Pontiac gold as well as the optional colors of classic brass, satin nickel, and bronze.  Choose to have your windows match the rest of your home or have them stand out by picking…

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UV Resistance

Floyd supplies only Great Lakes Windows and there is a reason why.  When you choose a home window replacement, consider UV resistance.  Harmful UV rays can do more damage to your home than you might think. For example, if you don’t use the proper precautions on your windows, these rays can fade valuable items you have inside your home….

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