Why is Glass Green?

You may have noticed that glass has a green hue to it. Ever wondered why? The simple answer is that it contains Iron. Ordinary glass, which is made of a soda-lime base, contains iron-oxide.  For those of you into the chemical side, that’s FeO, also called ferris oxide. When thin, you don’t notice any color, but as this ordinary…

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Glass Options

Learn more about your Glass Options The key to choosing the right glass package for your home is to find the combination of performance values to suit your needs. Look to Floyd Glass & Window to help you make these decisions. All windows with insulated glass claim to save you money on energy costs, but not all insulated glass…

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Custom Residential Mirrors

Do you think a custom mirror can really enhance your living space? If so, give us a call! Large mirrors, mirror walls, Floyd Glass & Window can certainly help mirror your conceptualization, and our installations are sure to reflect quality. Custom mirrors can add depth to smaller spaces, and allow larger areas to breathe freely as well. There are…

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