Custom Glass Edges

There are a lot of options for your custom glass edges. Let’s start with a few definitions:

Seamed-Edge-(1)Seamed: A Seamed edge has been sanded and it may be rough and slightly chipped, but it will not be sharp. It is the most economical edge but it’s not recommended if the edges will be exposed. All of the glass leaving Floyd will at least be seamed.



Satin PolishSatin Polish: Satin Polish is the most common polish that leaves Floyd. It is used most commonly for table top glass and mirrors with the edges exposed. It is sanded to a smooth Satin or Frosted finish.






PencilpolishedPencil Polish: Pencil Polish is the most common upgrade for a polished edge. It adds an additional level of elegance to your table top glass. Pencil Polish looks great on Shelves and Higher Table Tops. As shown in the picture, the pencil polish is a rounded edge that blends into the edges of the furniture. 





Flat Polish: As the name implies, a flat polish is a flat edge with a small 45 degree chamfer on the very top and bottom. For custom made 1/2″ and thicker Glass Table Tops, a flat polish is recommended. It is economical and is the best way to show the thickness of the glass. A Flat Polish is also called a “Machine Polish.” You will see this most commonly on pieces made in bulk. 



Other Options:



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