Foggy Windows

Does your home have foggy or hazy windows?

Floyd can fix your foggy and hazy looking windows. Making your windows look great is our specialty! We understand that many times your house is on the market and the inspection report has flagged foggy windows. We specialize in the Real Estate market and even offer a discount to our agents that are apart of our REALTOR program. Since we are members of the REALTOR Association, we have a SUPRA key, which allows us to work faster on your foggy windows and help meet all your deadlines. Call today to set up your FREE estimate: 636-922-3569

How else can Floyd help you with your house that is on the market? 

Watch the video for a more detailed description. BUT, in a nut shell, your window has failed and is allowing air in between your two glass panes.
No, once the IGU has a broken seal and has begun to "breathe", there is no way for the mineral deposits to escape. The fog may be better or worse depending on weather conditions...but the fog will only get worse over time.
We normally expect a 7-10 business day manufacturing time. There are factors that can slow this process down, but we will discuss with you at the time of ordering. Each IGU is inspected prior to scheduling installation.
There are too many variables to really answer this, which is why we like to come out and take a look at your windows. However, units tend to land in the $150 to $250 per IGU range. The more units installed on a single trip, the lower that average drops. Variables include: LowE UV coating, Argon gas, Decorative grids, Tempered glass, Obscurity glass, Oversized units, Ladder work or difficult to access installs, etc, etc. You get the point. In order to give you the most accurate pricing we provide a FREE estimate for you. Call 636-922-3569 to schedule your estimate.
Most of the time it is more cost effective to fix the broken seal. The follow up question is how long are you staying in your home? Replacement Windows are an investment in your home, where as fixing the broken seal is a fix.
Absolutely. You can call in your IGU sizes and do a self-install. If you'd like us to measure the unit on site but just install it yourself, we charge a $45 measure fee. Either way, if you are comfortable working with glass, we are more than happy to get the IGU for you.
1. Half Down: We accept all Major Credit/Debit Cards, Check or Cash. Easy, secured online payment can be made at or call in your payment at 636-922-3569
While there are ways to diminish the visible effect of a broken seal, Floyd Glass & Window does not offer them because they do not solve the root issue. One such solution is to drill a hole into the insulated unit and dissolve the mineral deposits with an acidic compound. This may clear the fog, but it has not resealed the unit. It will fog again. The only way to ensure a properly insulated unit is to replace the IGU.

Would you like to replace instead of fix your foggy windows?

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