Foggy Windows

Does your home have foggy or hazy windows?

Floyd can fix your foggy and hazy looking windows. Making your windows look great is our specialty! We understand that many times your house is on the market and the inspection report has flagged foggy windows. We specialize in the Real Estate market and even offer a discount to our agents that are apart of our REALTOR program. Since we are members of the REALTOR Association, we have a SUPRA key, which allows us to work faster on your foggy windows and help meet all your deadlines. Call today to set up your FREE estimate: 636-922-3569

How else can Floyd help you with your house that is on the market? 

What Causes a Foggy Window? 


  1. What causes Foggy Windows?
    1. Watch the above video for a more detailed description. BUT, in a nut shell, your window has failed and is allowing air in between your two glass panes.
  2. Can you just “suck” the fog out?
  3. Will the Fog go away?
  4. How long will it take to fix?
  5. How much does it cost to fix?
  6. Can I replace it myself?
  7. Is it cheaper to replace the whole window?
    1. That is a loaded question. Most of the time it is more cost effective to fix the broken seal. The follow up question is how long are you staying in your home? Replacement Windows are an investment in your home, where as fixing the broken seal is a fix.
  8. I am selling my house, what are my payment options?
    1. As long as you have a closing date, you have a few options. 
      1. Pay half down at the time of acceptance of the quote and half down upon completion 
      2. We can work with your title company and we can get paid at the time of closing
      3. 6 Months | No Payment | No Interest. 

Would you like to replace instead of fix your foggy windows?

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