Floyd Custom MirrorsLooking for a custom mirror for your home, bathroom, workout room, gym  or living room? Let the experts at Floyd custom cut your mirror for you!

Mirrored walls can improve your home in a variety of ways. Formal dining rooms will become an elegant entertainment room when adding one wall with a floor to ceiling mirrored wall.



Floyd’s Mirrors can be custom cut to match any pattern or any size for your custom project. From a custom arch mirror for behind your bar, to mirrors around your fireplace, or a simple oval mirror for your bathroom; no job is too big, or too small.

 Frameless MirrorsFrameless Mirror

With clean lines, frameless mirrors with the timeless bevel is the perfect complement to any room and decor. Click HERE to see all frameless mirror styles and sizes










When a mirror is beveled, it’s edges are at an angle to produce a finished look. The mirror looks as though it is tapered towards the edges. Bevel are typically cut around the edges of the frame, ranging from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches, depending on the size of the mirror. Mirrors may have multiple bevels.


A beveled mirror looks more polished than a mirror with a common, satin polished edge (click to see other edge options). They can also be used on a smaller scale for decorating on tables. For example, a beveled mirror can be laid flat and topped with candles.

Beveled Strips

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeveled Mirror Strips add an elegant look to your mirror. It is a great alternative to just a beveled edge. They come in a variety of different styles and corner options.  Stop our showroom to see what Floyd can do for your mirror!



beveled edges strips

Commercial Mirrors

Commercial Mirrors

We offer custom mirrors for dance & martial arts studios, gyms, dividers, and much more! Add depth to any space with a custom mirror. Whether for form, or function, a custom mirror from Floyd Glass & Window can brighten up, and widen any space. If your mirror is going into a dance studio, yoga studio or a gym, we will apply a safety backing to ensure the safety or your clients. Call today to have one of our experienced glass technicians come out to help you with your space and provide a Free Estimate.

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